Mountain Bikers 

Single tracks to practice enduro and downhill.


Mountain Biker’s Paradise

Single tracks to practice enduro and downhill.


Sky Wild Bike Park is located just beside the exotic Arenal Volcano. It is one of Costa Rica’s most exuberant Rain Forests therefore its mountains and terrain make perfect combinations for great adventurous tracks!

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Sky wild bike park gives you the opportunity to live a real bike park in within the rain forest. We have a series of sections suited for all categories of bikers, from beginners, intermediate, to advanced riders. Our single tracks are specialized to practice enduro or downhill with the ability to practice cross country. The trails are rugged and demanding both for bikes and competitors to meet the expectation of a true biker.

What makes our park great!


Knowing how exciting our tracks can be, we provide the gear for it! Suspension is a must in our tracks, as so are shifting, gripping tires, lightweight materials, and all that matters for an easy great flowing ride. For great rides, we provide awesome bikes! Safety and protection are also essential and we do provide that equipment too.

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Sky Wild Bike Park main focus is downhill, we don’t like wasting our energy climbing up the mountain; so our riders are carried up on our Sky Adventures gondolas: Sky Tram. Besides the lift for biker and bike, Sky Tram offers great views of the wildlife and Arenals scenery.

Our park!

Are you extreme, wanna have fun, and willing to take this challenge?