Our bike park is inside the tropical jungle, our trails are unique, and the experience is unforgettable.

Brief History

Sky Wild Bike Park opened its trails for adventurous bikers on 2014. It has been a short run but truly full of adrenaline and exciting adventures. Our goal is to provide a unique adventure for people who visit Costa Rica. The idea of Sky Wild Bike park is to enjoy nature at its deepest, at the same time you enjoy and truly live your life at the fullest. This is not a guided tour, nor anyone is there to explain you how to do things, where to look or where to go. You are free. Free in the tropical jungles of Costa Rica.

Sky Wild Bike Park has also great views of the forest and Arenal Volcano
Sky WIld Bike Park includes an aerial tram to take you and your bike up the mountain

Lift included

Sky Wild Bike Park is the only place in Costa Rica where you can descend through the forest, through the jungle, through the mountains, without the pain of an uphill battle. We have an aerial tram that it will take you and your bike to the top of the mountain. Sky Tram is our gondola lift, which can carry up to 6 bikes at a time with its riders, and of course a couple of fans to see you depart on an thrilling downhill ride.

Maneuvering the trails

Sky Wild Bike park trails are designed as single tracks, meaning the track width fits only one rider. Since Costa Rica mountains are so unpredictable and its mostly rugged terrain, our trails are composed of ramps, hard corners, some rocky terrain, and soft grounds. Since our trails are on inside the forest, visibility is not that far away, so you will have to take every single challenge, one at a time.

The tracks at Sky Wild Bike Park include ramps, drops, mud, rock and are so adventurous.

Sky Wild Bike Park Gallery